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I am a Daughter, Wife, Mother, Grandmother and I love to do all things crafty. With my three girls and two boys, by life has been very full. They have been my pride and joy, of course along with my soul mate.

Does your head every feel like it is going to explode because your head is going in different directions all at the same time. My craft room screams, Do This, Do That, and then I find something else to do with a piece of fabric or trim that distracts me from my original project.

I really like to read and do research on the world wide web about whatever skill I am in to at that time.  Whether it be looking for a new recipe or sewing pattern or learning about how to change the blinker bulb in the van. 

The learning is a never ending process and the possibilities are endless. I am continually looking to learn something new that will tweak my skill that I already have, or challenge me to think bigger.  I hope that you will learn with me as I teach and share what I have learned.

  • It might be about sewing in general. Sewing doll clothes for your daughter. My specialty is for the American Girl dolls size and Cabbage Patch dolls. Previously I sewed Barbie, I liked the older models better.
  • It could also be about learning to use the Circuit for creating a decal for the doll clothes you are going to sew, or cutting out that small purse for that special outfit to go along with the shoes that you just created.
  • What about creating a card to send to send to someone special because you found the greatest card on Etsy and it requires you to make it with your newly purchased Circuit or Silhouette, which by the way hasn’t been out of the box it came in because you are so intimidated to start. 
  • What about learning to prepare for the future. Today (2020) there is the scare of the corona virus and we are all told to stay 6 feet away from people. But what comes next. Are you a prepper?
  • Let’s create a simple budget, with food storage in mind so that we are not the ones that have to immediately run to the store when there is a threat of a pandemic among other things.

All of this brings me to my mailbox . . .

I like to think of my to do list is like going to the mailbox. You never know what to expect when you get there.  You walk, drive, bike to your mailbox in anticipation of what it holds. It might have, heaven forbid, that new prescription your doctor told you to get, or possibly a letter from your mother that she sends faithfully every week, or your monthly bills that keep piling up and never seem to end. But most of all I like the mailbox because it comes with the Joann’s ad and all those coupons.

The Joann’s ad makes me want to bury myself in what my husband calls “My Cave”. Yes, I have a cave, it is my sewing room and I love it. I have so much stuff that I am always reorganizing and finding small little places for my sewing and crafting stuff. But the cave is for another day.

What is in your mailbox?

  • A granddaughter’s birthday is coming, what shall I make, yes make is the optimal word, giving of yourself is very important to perception of yourself.  It makes you feel like you are needed and that maybe they will remember you for your service and love.
  • The neighborhood is having a get together, what to bring. Is this a potluck or a game night?  Maybe I could make a flyer with my circuit to send around the neighborhood.
  • It’s my son’s basketball game. To show my support I am going to make a poster with his jersey number and name so I can wave it in the air.
  • Better yet, date night with your special someone. I want to leave a special note so they know how much they mean to me.

Now let’s create a plan of action. So much to do so little time.

  •             Start by making a list.
  •             Prioritizing that list.
  •             Deciding what needs to be done TODAY.

Doing what needs to be done today and leave the rest for tomorrow.

Thank you for visiting BuxCorner, a place where we can Create Room for Creativity.

I love this quote “The course of our lives is not determined by great, awesome decisions. Our direction is set by the little day-to-day choices which chart the track on which we run.”  Gordon B. Hinckley

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