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After 2020 . . . Be Prepared

I know that I am back tracking a little but I would like to talk about 2020 and what it has done to our shopping and being prepared.

Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping were not the same. March rolled around and the coronavirus hit the world. Shut downs started to happen and we started changing the way we did things. The internet became our way of communicating.

We sheltered at home and worked with masks on our faces. Ordered our groceries online from the store and picked them up or had them delivered, not even getting out of our cars.

You can all agree 2020 was a very different year.

The internet became our best friend so to speak.

Video conferencing, Zooming, Google Duo, Face Time, and other social media meet and greet meetings with our family and co workers. Did you stop to think that you probably spoke with your family more than you did the whole year before the coronavirus hit. I know that I tried to contact more family members just to make sure that they were staying healthy.

This brings me to the Day after Thanksgiving, the day that the stores operate in the black.

Did you shop “Black Friday”. Did you go to the stores?

Black Friday shopping was done, but on a scaled down version. Stores counted the number of people entering and exiting, and the lines were sometimes around the corner because everyone was to stay 6 feet apart.

Many took to the online market and purchased their gifts month’s before the holidays rolled around.

Small Businesses

Small businesses that already had their stores online benefited from the influx of people searching the internet for the best gift for their family. Those of us whose small business were craft oriented did pretty well. I did feel sorry for those who relied on the Craft Fairs to make some additional money for the Holidays.

Other small businesses closed their doors because they needed foot traffic.

When the restaurant businesses could open up again, the sting was still there, they could have you order take out, but not sit and dine. I don’t believe that Chick Fil A was hurt a bit, at least the one in my town had to open up 4 lanes of drive through just to accommodate the amount of people.

Does this year make you want to become a prepper?

Did you run out of toilet paper? Milk? or Eggs? or did you have a stash of food, clothes, etc. somewhere in your home.

2020 Toilet Paper

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Many of us who have grown a garden in the past started up again. The nursery’s ran out of vegetable seeds and soil. Container gardening and small area gardening became the buss.

Did you plant a garden and was it successful? Maybe it made you really appreciated the farmers that make your life easy. Just go to the store and everything is on the shelf.

Are you going to plant for 2021?

Are you prepared?

I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and for years they have been teaching the same thing, over and over. Are you prepared? Not just with food and water, but with clothing, mental stability, and comfort.

Are you lucky enough to have some food storage that helped during 2020. Did you learn something about what you have in storage. Was there enough variety in your pantry that your meals were not much different than 2019.

I remember my Mother saying to me that we need to have in our pantry the food that we normally eat. Not just “Wheat”.

March is coming again and is it going to be a repeat of last year?

Let’s help get prepared for the future, what ever 2021 brings us.

A couple of ideas

The first is the make a meal plan, but more than just the plan, lets make sure that you have the ingredients needed to prepare the meal when you can’t go to the store.

My daughter uses every Sunday to write down what they are going to have that week for dinners on a white board. Simple right. Use this as a starting point to prepare.

Example: Taco Soup, do you have all the beans, tomatoes, taco seasonings, etc. This might have been a great example, but what about the Frito Chips and the Cheese and Sour Cream. OOPS!

Do you see what I mean. Right.

Taking Stock

The second would to take stock of what you have already, whether it be just the food in your pantry or if you have a large storage room full.

Is your pantry or storage room organized so you can easily find everything you need for your dinner. Do you put like items together, say like ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, etc. together. Or all the vegetables located on one shelf. Are they accessible to everyone in the household, even the little ones that can read.

Grab your Weekly Menu and Grocery List for a self evaluation and start your journey of being prepared for 2021. What you get is a Weekly Menu, Inventories of your Pantry, Fridge, Freezer and a Grocery Shopping List to help get you started on the right track.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get prepared!

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