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Autumn Harvest Acorn Garland

What reminds me of the fall, well I grew up on a farm, the kind that only is plant based, mainly Potatoes so during the later part of September and the beginning of October it is Harvest time. The leaves are turning all sorts of colors and the air is chaining, sometimes faster than I would like, but it is all good. A change of seasons is just in store.

Garland made with acorns and maple leaves are the right touch when it comes to the fall and decorating so I set out to make my own.

Are you ready to make your own Autumn Harvest Acorn Garland? Okay, let’s get started with a list of items that you will need.

Items needed:

  • Felt for the back of the acorns
  • Old shirts or fabric
  • Embroidery floss
  • Raffia
  • Bird Toy Vine Balls
  • String
  • Ribbon for Bow
  • Scissors
  • Cricut

Fabric Selection

Start by selecting the right fabric. I chose to go to the Goodwill and find old shirts to recycle. The men’s section is a great place to start. Different textures like cotton and double knit make the garland visually appealing.

Cut the shirts free of the seams. You need a flat piece of fabric to use in your Cricut. Cut around the logos and things that will not let the fabric lay flat. Pretty simple and something to do while watching the television.

Interfacing Time

After the shirts are all cut up you will need to interface them with a featherweight interfacing making sure that the interfacing is really stuck on the fabric. The interfacing I chose was 911FF Pellon® Fusible Featherweight that is found everywhere.

Next will be to cut out the acorns. I created an SVG file for my Cricuit so that I would know that the acorns were exactly the same. I did try to cut them by hand, it is possible, but harder to get them accurate. You can get the SVG file in my shop.

Don’t they look great

Next will be hand sewing them together with a running stitch.

Raffia Bows

Here is the Raffia Grass and Twine bows. Just tie a bow like you were tying your shoes. Simple right?

I chose to add maple leaves cut by Bayberries Studios a shop in Bonners Ferry, Idaho. They did such a great job, they laser cut the wood to the size that would need. I also had them add a little hole so I could put the string in the top of the leave to add to the garland.

My completed Acorn Garland. I think that the garland turned out just right.

I don’t have a fireplace and so I decided to put the Acorn Garland on my piano. It adds just the right touch to my autumn decorations. Maybe it would be just the right touch for your home. You can purchase some from my shop or just follow the directions and make your own, remember that you can get the SVG from my shop to help you cut out the acorns.

Thanksgiving time, Gratefulness and Memories of loved ones past.

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