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Thanksgiving Casserole

What to do after turkey day? I don't know about you but now as a mother and wife I need to think about what to feed the family. All the left over stuff is a great way to begin. Of course I don't want to take the whole day cooking again so I came up with three one pan options for the left ... READ the POST

Veterans Day

While a lot of us are creative and have fun painting rocks so we can drop them along the pathway when we take a walk. I am not so fortunate. The painting is harder for me, sewing is the easiest, but I appreciate those that can make a rock look like a piece of art. These rocks are painted by ... READ the POST

Remembering our Veterans, what to do with little children and families.

Thanksgiving Thoughts 2020

As we gather together this Thanksgiving, lets take a moment to reflect on the blessings that we have had this year 2020. Being confined by order or selectively by choice, having our Sta-cation as some would call it has brought families together. It has been a trying time for all of us. We ... READ the POST

Autumn Harvest Acorn Garland

What reminds me of the fall, well I grew up on a farm, the kind that only is plant based, mainly Potatoes so during the later part of September and the beginning of October it is Harvest time. The leaves are turning all sorts of colors and the air is chaining, sometimes faster than I would like, but ... READ the POST