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Tips for Taking Down Christmas

It is time to take down the holiday decorations and clean my home and put my house in order for the winter season. With these tips you will be thankful next year when you do the unboxing of your Christmas decorations to put them up for a new season of Holidays.

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I am sad that this time of year is over. My feelings are bittersweet. What ever your feelings are, it is time to make the clean up more enjoyable. Put on that Christmas music again and start that holiday clean up.

As you start taking down your decorations have you ever asked yourself “Why do I have so many decorations?” Every year I go to the store and look at the new decorations and think “Oh that is so adorable” then I buy it and add to my collection. Yep, did it again.

Are you ready to reclaim the room that the Christmas tree takes up and all the shelves put back to some sort of normal. Let’s start now.

Take pictures

Before you tear everything apart, take some quick pictures of all of your decorations. Most of us have smart phones and they take great pictures for reference. Print them off and put outside or inside the boxes or totes that store your ornaments and decorations in. Depending on how detailed you are, take close-ups to see the details.

Use Clear storage bins

I know that at the stores they call to you to purchase red and green totes to put your decorations in . . . but then I have to open each and every one to see what is in them to find that one ornament or Santa Claus that I want to put on the mantle. Clear makes so much more sense to me.

Store Ornaments

Separate the ornaments into precious breakable and un-breakable.

Breakable Ornaments

Anyone still have glass ornaments? I do and I adore them. They are precious to me because I can rarely find them at the big box stores. I take pride in storing these ornaments very carefully as to keep them for a long time and pass them down through the generations. This ornament was given to our family by my brothers family. It is a hand painted from the inside with the birth of our Savior, I don’t remember where it is from, but we take care to no break it every year.

Taking them off the tree and storing them in their own special place help preserve them. Wrap them in tissue and leave plenty of room for big fingers to get around them.

We lost a very precious ornament from my husbands grandmother. His fingers could not fit in the box and he broke the ornament. So sad. Make sure that those that are special to you are kept separate from those that can be replaced easily. See below to learn how to make your own ornament box.

Non-Breakable Ornaments

Use the boxes or plastic containers that your ornaments came in like the big tall towers of ornaments at the stores. Or you can buy ornament boxes like the ones pictured below. How about making your own DIY ornament box. You can find instructions here.

Tower of Ornaments
Original Container
Buffalo Plaid ornament
Buffalo Plaid Storage
Red Ornament Box
Premade Storage for Ornaments

Keep or Donate

Now is a good time to decide if you still love that ornament. If you have ornaments that haven’t been put on the tree then possibly it is time to hand them over to someone who will love them. Make a donation box available when taking down your decorations. You will find that it is a great way to de-junk. You would also use it for cleaning out the closet of the old to make room for the new, like shoes. Great way to declutter at the same time as tidying up after Christmas.

Label the storage bins / boxes

This is as easy as a tape gun and 3×5 index card.

List what is inside the tote and mark the year (2020, 2019, etc). You might be surprised and find a box that you haven’t opened for a couple of years.

Get down to business of labeling your Christmas decor.

Put like things together such as Nutcrackers, Santa’s, Candles, CVS Misfits, Gifts to re-give next year, (by gifts to re-give I mean the candy jars and tins that you receive this year will be come new gifts for the neighbors next year.)

Gnomes, Reindeer and Advent Calendars, if you have more than one. I have 3 different advent calendars. One that I made when my children were little. It is was made out of red felt and a green felt with ornament pockets to decorate the Christmas tree. This year I made a copy of that Advent Calendar and you can purchase it my shop.

Christmas Books

Are those books stacking up and taking space on your bookshelf? These are seasonal and they should be part of the boxing process after Christmas. You will find that when you place the books into storage and bring them out the next year you will want to read them again.

Use it as the opportunity to sit with children or grandchildren and read all those beloved stories again. Bringing memories to life again.

Don’t Forget the Star is all about coming of age when Santa Claus is no longer a figure to wonder about, but when your child knows, who is Santa Claus and how to help them understand what Christmas is all about.

Make sure you label the box “BOOKS VERY HEAVY” so that the person putting it away will know how to properly lift and not hurt their back.

Make a note

As you are putting away it is a good time to write a note to yourself about what is needed next year. Copy and put in every tote that you store, this way you will have the list not matter what box or tote you open first.

Christmas Notes

Time to take down the Tree

The last item to take down is the tree. This you might need help with because it is easier than doing it yourself.

We purchased totes to put our tree in and it has stored beautifully for over 20 years. It is still going strong because we took care when storing.

Recycle The Tree

If you opt for a real tree then take it to a local park for recycling. Composted trees helps the local land fill and is eco friendly.

I do miss the smell of vacuuming up the pine needles and having the house smell of Christmas.

Let me know when you take down your decorations?

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