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Veterans Day

While a lot of us are creative and have fun painting rocks so we can drop them along the pathway when we take a walk. I am not so fortunate. The painting is harder for me, sewing is the easiest, but I appreciate those that can make a rock look like a piece of art.

These rocks are painted by Alleluia Rocks and sold on Etsy.

So simple to make but yet make a statement and remind us that the service of our military is so vital to our country and our freedom.

My Father(Navy) and Grand Father (Army) along with my Son (National Guard) have served in the military. I am proud that they have given their time and service to protect me and my family.

Although Veterans Day is to remember those that are currently serving. I think that it brings us memories of those that have passed.

I recently saw a Dog Tag on Pinterest and thought that it would be a great card to give or send to those that serve. Dog Tags are the lively hood of those that serve. They are taken off the body if in war and brought back to the families so they can remember. It is very special because it was last on their mortal body. How about send a Thank you today. It is never too late.

Diane is a teacher that creates these.

Have you ever though of giving your loved one a special thank you note in their lunch box or in the mail.

How about a themed party to help get their spirits us because of this 2020 year of being alone.

There are tons of party ideas Like this one from This Grandma If Fun. Colored Rice, mason jar and a tea candle. Let the kiddos create this for the celebration.

Do you like activities? Here is a favorite of mine. So simple to make and yet fun for any age.

Remembering our Veterans, what to do with little children and families.
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